CS:GO Update 10.10.2014 – Die neue Musikbox im Spieler-Inventar

Neue Musikbox im Inventar

Ein weiteres rund 130MB großes Update für Counter-Strike: Global-Offensive (CS:GO) ist erschienen. Es wurden einige Bugs an Maps und am Gameplay gefixt. Etwas neues ist darüber hinaus die sogenannte „Musicbox“. Wird dieses Kit aus dem Inventar ausgerüstet so werden bestimmte „Sounds“ bzw. Musikstück an bestimmten Situationen abgespielt, z.B. wenn man als Spieler selber der MVP ist, am Rundenstart oder während der Death-Cam. Natürlich will auch Valve bzw. die Komponisten an der Musikbox verdienen, so kostet dieses Kit Geld. Es sieht fast danach aus als ob das der einzige Grund wäre warum dieses etwas sinn-freie Kit eingeführt wurde.

Die Musikbox seht ihr hier im Youtube Video .

Übrigens wenn ihr die Musik vorher mal hören wollt, bevor ihr die Musikbox kauft.  Hier im Ordner liegen die Dateien welche mit allen üblichen Media Playern abgespielt werden können: SteamSteamAppscommonCounter-Strike Global Offensivecsgosoundmusic

Hier die Musikstücke die derzeit erhältlich sind:

Grammy nominated game composer Austin Wintory asks, why bother hunting your enemies when you can lure them in with a deadly, admittedly insane, tango? Video Game Composer Daniel Sadowski delivers Edgy Action mixed with CRAZY FAT beats in this pulsating, exhilarating Music Pack. From game music composer Dren, this cinematic, superhero-metal inspired music pack puts the 'ill' into KILL!
Renowned dubstep Dj Feed Me, brings a western corral showdown into a modern electronic space. Dutch Electronic Trio Noisia brings a tough, cinematic feel with a unique blend of tradition and progression. Music to crush your enemies see them driven before you from award winning composer Robert Allaire.
Immerse yourself in this cinematic soundtrack full of soaring strings, pulsating melodies and driving drums from the world renowned DJ / Producer Sasha. From the composer of two of the world's biggest war games, comes a sonic loadout that will bring your enemies to Hell's Gate! A lesson in aggression from Metal producer, Skog.

Want a music kit? They’re available as offers in game, or you can pick one up now through the Steam market.


  • Introducing Music Kits, featuring new music exclusively made for CS:GO by various artists and composers.
  • When equipped, Music Kits replace all of the music in the game and include an anthem that plays whenever you are MVP.
  • Music Kits can be shared through the scoreboard. Use the context menu to check out another players music.
  • Music Kits are currently available as a special offer for CS:GO players.
  • Added music volume controls for the following:.
    • Main Menu
    • Round Start
    • Round End
    • Map objective
    • Ten Second Warning
    • Death Camera


  • HE grenade damage tagging is now scaled based on the damage applied.


  • Fixed being able to pick up the bomb through some opaque solid walls – you now need LOS unless you get close enough to touch it directly.
  • Fixed some bullet penetration bugs.
  • Fixed a radar naming bug on Dust2.


  • Fixed an issue where friends parties were not preserved when returning to lobby from an official competitive match.
  • Added more specific net_graph connection descriptions for official and community servers.
  • Fixed configuration of GOTV replays recording in South Africa.
  • Private matches in non-competitive game modes will host the game on lobby leader’s listen server.
  • Pause menu allows to invite more friends to a private match hosted on a listen server.
  • Fixed connectivity to sv_lan 1 game servers.
  • The +graph command now respects the server’s sv_max_allowed_net_graph convar.
  • Fixed a visual glitch caused by inspecting a shotgun while reloading.
  • The inspect in-game feature for marketplace assets no longer requires the previous owner id.


  • demoinfogo
    • Added the ability to dump only specific things from the demo using command line arguments. Run the tool with no arguments to see the list of options with descriptions.
    • Game Events that have userid’s will show the player name as well as optionally show position and facing. The position and facing are the last read values, and do not include interpolation/prediction.
    • Fixed a couple bugs in parsing that would cause missed player info when parsing some demos.

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