[CS:GO] Nützliche de_dust2 – Taktiken – Smokes – Flash Granaten [Tipps & Tricks] [ENG]

Hier mal ein paar wirklich gute Screenshots von einem Steam Community Mitglied um Granaten auf de_dust2 zu platzieren. Die Beschreibung ist auf Englisch, sollte aber für die meißten kein Problem sein.

Typically if you’re not going long immediately, you want to have a person watching doors so CTs can’t take it. If you miss your shots, there’s plenty of room and cover for you to fall back.

If you have an awp, you’re going to watch/pick mid to get the count to your teammates and damage people going by.

If they have an awp and you don’t, you can smoke mid from this spot or from b tunnels.

Have one or two players go to b tunnels and make sure it’s clear.

If you have no AWP mid, check this angle before moving out.

Once b tunnels are clear and your teammates are set up, throw this flashbang. Line it up with the wall and the balcony as shown.

The flash should pop right about here. There’s almost no reaction time for somebody watching cat.

While the B guy is clearing things out and getting ready, move up cat, keeping your crosshair at mid until you come to the last support bricks on the wall to your right.

I like to prefire this corner.

Once inner cat is clear, take position here and wait for your teammate to tell you he’s flashing.

Throw a flashbang here when the other flash is about there for maximum effectiveness.

Move up and prefire this angle.

You can throw a running flashbang here.

It pops about there.

Once A is clear / being cleared and you need people to cross, you can smoke CT. Go to this corner…

Line up your crosshair with the top right corner of the door, and throw.

The smoke will cover all sight from CT / mid.

When moving through A, this is a popular flashbang.

Run and jump off of the bleach container on the ground.

The flash should pop around here, blinding players at car or who are playing the corner loosely.

After clearing outside doors, you may want to throw this flash to blind people at barrels. The flash is nearly impossible to see coming, blinds for a full second, and there’s a non-solid object blocking their view of it, so they can’t see it but still get flashed.

Peek with the flash.

Check pit.

Take A as normal.

This is a good spot for playing cat.

If overrun, you can drop down for a second shot.

This is a nice spot to awp from.

This too. Be aware that the box you’re behind is spammable.

This is a good spot too. Just kidding.

For going mid-b, you can smoke and/or spam through A doors.

Line up in this corner.

Put your crosshair at the little nub on the wall and throw.

It pops about here.

This will fully blind anybody watching from CT or doors.

Place your crosshair on the arrow on the box in CT and throw a smoke.

This will completely smoke off CT.

This is a useful entry/retake flash.

It pops about here.

Coordinate this flash with the previous one and the whole site will be blind.

That flash pops here.

CT setups

CT setups
When going long, don’t run forwards. You can get blinded by the deep flashes people like to throw.

When you see this pipe, stop, and pull out your primary. This keeps you in cover and lets you snap around to watch doors.

To prevent an A push, you can have a teammate throw this flash.

It pops here.

Anybody coming through A doors will be blind.

They’ll also block their teammates while blind.

Smoke off A for 15 seconds of safety.

Get in position.

Watching A doors like this lets you see people coming easily and provides good cover to fall back on.

You can see people’s shadows coming in.

Boost here to screw up your opponent’s angles.

B site

B site
This angle lets you see people coming in, even if they are walking.

You can have one person on the boxes and one person watching mid.

Stopping a B tunnels push is a few steps and a turn away.

Jumping here with a MAG-7 / Nova / P90 can be surprising and damaging.

To smoke mid against an AWPer from CT, go into this corner here

Throw the smoke at the bottom right corner of the window.

Here’s a useful counterflash for playing boxes/b ramp.

Another counterflash for pit – stand between these two green dots about 1/3 of the way down the pit.

Aim at this green dot.

The flash will pop as soon as the terrorists can see it and fully blind them.

Another flash if you hear them coming through tunnels.

Throw a flashbang here to slow a mid-b push.

It pops here.

Throwing a flash here will blind anybody ramp/goose/barrels.

It lands somewhere around the site.

It lands somewhere around the site.

This is a good spot to get exit frags from B and save a weapon.

This too.

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